Ez Duz It on ICE by Ruthless Vapors

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Ez Duz It On Ice Ejuice by Ruthless Vapor 60ml

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Ez Duz It On Ice Ejuice by Ruthless Vapor 60ml

Ez Duz It On Ice Review

Save on EZ DUZ It on Ice by Ruthless Vapor 60ml. EZ DUZ It on Ice in a 60ml ejuice bottle by Ruthless Vapor is the mouthwatering blend of strawberry and watermelon with a cooling throat kick effect. It’s not too sweet and the perfect choice to last you all day.

What is Ez Duz It on Ice vape juice? Ez Duz It on Ice by Ruthless Vapor is a premium vape juice blend that has gained iconic status in the vaping industry. It is one of the most pleasing vape juice blends, as it has been perfectly crafted by the experts behind Ruthless manufacturing. It uses the most incredible mix of juicy strawberries, mouthwatering watermelons, and a bone-chilling twist of menthol to ensure you're satisfied with every puff that you take. Ez Duz It on Ice comes in a 60mL bottle and can be enjoyed in strengths of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg using Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN).

If you are searching for a vape juice blend to add to your collection of all-day vapes, this dazzling concoction of flavors will certainly do the trick. It offers just the right ratio of strawberries, watermelons, and menthol, leaving you thoroughly pleased from the beginning to the end.

VG/PG: 70/30

Bottle Size: 60ml

Flavor Profile: Strawberry, Watermelon, Menthol

May Contain Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN)