WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Extract Solutions Co

Extract Solutions Ready Mix Kit

Product Description

Extract Solutions Ready Mix Kit

Extract Solutions Ready Mix Review

The Extracts Solutions Ready Mix Kit is a kit that includes a ready mix bottle and slim pen for creating and enjoying flavored tinctures. Each ready mix bottle from Extract Solutions Co is brewed and bottled right here in the USA using only the finest quality USP/Kosher grade ingredients. (Polyethylene Glycol: PEG Free) Made available in several different flavors, the Ready Mix Kit can convert your favorite extracts into a thinner oil in variety of different flavors including Watermelon, Strawberry, a Natural or Original blend and many more.

The Ready Mix Kit by Extract Solutions Co includes a slim and portable pen vaporizer in this kit, allowing you to use your newly flavored extracts as soon as they are ready. This battery is a rechargeable 280mAh lithium-ion type and a has a user-friendly wick style cartridge that both veterans and newcomers alike will have no problem using. Once the ideal ready mix consistency has been achieved, remove the mouthpiece from included cartridge and use the convenient tools to fill the tank to it's maximum 1ml liquid capacity. After filling your cartridge simply connect it to a fully charged battery and begin enjoying mouthwatering flavored extracts with your fingertips.

Extract Solutions Ready Mix Kit Includes

  • 1x 30mL Ready Mix Bottle
  • 1x Glass Mixing Cup
  • 1x 1ml Syringe
  • 1x Hand Tool
  • 1x 280mah Battery
  • 1x USB Charger
  • 1x Atomizer Cartridge

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