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Menthol Tribe by Dripstix Eliquid 60ml


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Menthol Tribe by Dripstix Eliquid 60ml

Dripstix Menthol Tribe Review

Menthol Tribe by Dripstix Eliquid is cool clean bold menthol flavored eliquid uniquely blended crisp menthol and loaded with refreshing flavor. Have you been tired of the flavors you been vaping on? Menthol Tribe solves this dilemma uniquely crafted to reset your flavor palate. Menthol Tribe is a pure menthol flavor on the inhale and finishes off with subtle notes of chocolate and mint on the exhale. Mix your favorite fruity or candy eiquids with Dripstix Eliquid Menthol Tribe menthol flavor. If you are new to vaping and just getting off traditional cigarettes, give Menthol Tribe ejuice a go.

Made in USA

Bottle Size: 60ml


Flavor Profile: Peppermint, Chocolate

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