Coil Master DIY Kit V3

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Coil Master DIY Kit V3

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Coil Master DIY Kit V3

Coil Master DIY Kit V3 Review 

The Coil Master DIY Kit V3 is the perfect companion to any vape enthusiast that enjoys building their rebuild-able atomizer or rebuild-able tank atomizer. Coil Master is the premier solution for all your vape needs and has offered the vaping community a well rounded tool kit to build any coil of your choice. 

With the Coil Master DIY Kit V3 every tool and accessory is included for you to begin building anything from simple single coil builds to full blown and extreme dual Clapton coils. From a variation of needle nose and angled pliers, multi styled screwdrivers, to ceramic tweezers the Coil Master V3 Kit has it all. It will even come with a 521 MINI TAB where you can test the resistance of your coils.  Each kit will also include a spool of 24ga Kanthal A1 Wire which is the most versatile wire gauge of choice and a pack of premium Japanese Organic Cotton.

Coil Master DIY Kit V3 Includes

  • 1 Diagonal Pliers
  • 1 Needle Nose Pliers
  • 1 Stainless Steel Folding Scissors
  • 1 Pen Styled Cross Screwdrive
  • 1 Pen Styled Straight Screwdriver
  • 1 Ceramic Tweezer
  • 1 Elbow Tweezer
  • 1 Silicon Rubber Case for Jigs
  • 1 24 Gauge Spool of Kanthal A1
  • 1 Coil Master 521 Mini Tab
  • 1 Coiling Kit V4
  • 1 T Styled Hex Screwdriver
  • 1 Japanese Organic Cotton Pack