WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

CBD Tincture Oil 1500mg by CBDfx 30ml

Product Description

CBD Tincture Oil 1500mg by CBDfx 30ml

CBDfx Tincture Oil 1500mg Review

The cannabidiol boom is officially here and that are many brands fighting for your attention. By now as a consumer you’ve learned from past experiences, learning that it isn’t about who excels at one thing or the other, it’s about who excels at them all and who has the most well-rounded product. When we think of the most well-rounded product on the market, there is one brand and one product that immediately comes to mind, and that is CBDfx and their CBD Tincture Oil 1500MG. There is simply no other brand that can compare to the reputation of one of the industry’s most iconic brands, CBDfx. They have built such a solid reputation by delivering a truly unbelievable product, focusing greatly quality, appearance, and delivering the true power of 100% organically grown full-spectrum CBD.

The CBDfx CBD Tincture Oil 1500MG is an outstanding product in every facet. From the look of its labeling and marketing material used to promote the tincture oil to the amber-colored CBD oil that’s filled into each bottle, everything about the look is more than pleasing to the eye. What’s most fascinating about the CBDfx CBD Tincture isn’t just its looks, it’s that it’s a true full-spectrum CBD product, meaning it utilizes the whole plant in its CO2 extraction method, keeping a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes rather than only using a CBD isolate and leaving the many other prominent compounds behind to waste. Within each bottle, you won’t find any cheap or filler ingredients, it’s cGMP-certified, and to ensure that each bottle presents CBDfx’s strict quality, CBDfx products are made in the USA. People love most about the brand that it’s completely vegan and all natural, which goes a long way with those that want to stay with a product that is completely natural. With that said, you can rest assured knowing that each bottle of CBDfx CBD Tincture Oil 15000MG is made entirely using plants that are grown organically at high-level farms in Europe, which means that the tincture will not contain any type of harmful chemicals or filler ingredients. What you can expect is a full spectrum hemp oil and MCT oil that is derived from coconuts. The MCT used is ultimately fatty acids that your body can quickly and easily break down, allowing it to be converted into useable energy.

With ease, CBDfx CBD Tincture Oil 1500MG is touted as the most impressive of the three dosage options in the CBDfx tincture oil line because it has the highest concentration and comes loaded with 1500MG of active CBD in the same size bottle (30ML) as our 500MG tincture. If you are an experienced CBD user that understands and wants a very high concentration of CBD a single tincture, then the 1500MG CBDfx Tincture is perfect for you. Whether your body is best equipped for higher concentrations of CBD or you just want a more powerful dose to really feel the strong effects of it, this CBDfx CBD Tincture Oil 1500MG is the perfect potent dose that will deliver the full force of CBD and its benefits. Enjoy up to 50MG of CBD per 1ML/Dropper and #feelthedifference with CBDfx!

How do I use CBDfx CBD Tincture Oil?

You can mix it with food or beverages if you cannot get past the taste, or you can take it sublingually. You can take the dropper and allowing one dose (one dropper full) absorb underneath your tongue for at least a minute before swallowing the rest. It’ll get into your bloodstream faster which will allow the effects to take place within 15 minutes or so depending on your body. One drop should be good enough but if not then take more as needed.

Why CBD Tincture Oil?

It’s a faster and easy way of getting your daily dose of CBD without having to smoke it. It’s pure concentrated CBD oil so it’s a lot stronger than your average CBD extract.

Why CBDfx?

CBDfx is a company that you can trust 100%. Their products are completely organic and vegan friendly so that you know EXACTLY what you’re putting into your body rather than taking a risk. There’s no artificial flavoring, no extra chemicals, just organic concentrated cbd oil.

CBD Tincture Oil 1500mg Additional Information:

  • 1500mg Per Bottle
  • 1 Dose A Day
  • 100% Organic
  • Made in the USA