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Blueberry Donuts by Donuts Ejuice 120ml

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Blueberry Donuts by Donuts Ejuice 120ml

Blueberry Donuts Ejuice Review

Blueberry Donuts by Donuts E-juice is a blueberry glazed donut dipped in an ice cold glass of milk, a delicious blueberry donut flavor vape juice that is a sweet fruity dessert perfectly made for fruit and dessert lovers.

Marina Vape is an Eliquid manufacturer that is known for its multiple high quality Eliquid lines including the popular Donuts E-Juice line. Marina Vape has brought us some of the most enjoyable unique and creative flavors that are available on the market and this new vape juice flavor definitely lives up to the name. Imagine going to your local doughnut shop and ordering a dozen blueberry iced cake donuts and that is the smell you get when you first take a whiff of Blueberry Donuts e-juice.

The Donuts e-juice line is one of the most popular doughnut flavored vape juice lines on social media and in the vape community. If you know your donut flavors then you know that Donuts E-juice is one of the best in the vape industry. The inhale of Blueberry Donuts e-juice has a flavor that is of a refreshing cold glass of milk with a light and fluff blueberry doughnut taste. The exhale of this vape juice provides the user with the glazed doughnut portion of the profile that is sure to please all doughnut lovers and will have your mouth watering.

Marina Vape manufactures donuts e-juice products in Los Angeles CA with the highest quality flavorings ingredients and nicotine available. Blueberry Donuts comes in 30ml, 60ml e-juice and 120ml e-juice bottles and nicotine levels of 0mg 3mg and 6mg. "Donuts Are The Cereal Alternative"

Flavor Profile: Donuts, Blueberries

Bottle Size: 120ml

Made in USA

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