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Alpha by Alternativ Salts 30ml

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Alpha by Alternativ Salts

Alpha by Alternativ Salts Review

Alpha by Alternativ Salts 30ml is a menthol fanatics dream e-juice. This salt nicotine vape juice fuses grapes right off the vine with a fresh crisp apple. This refreshing flavor will make you feel like a true alpha. 

Alternativ is a premium brand who has created multiple boozy flavors that have taken the vape world by storm.  Now this top selling brand has branched out and created Alternativ Salts. This e-juice collection consist of all the original flavors from Alternativ but offer higher concentrations of nicotine for all pod device users. Salt nicotine vape juice is not meant and should not be used with any Sub-ohm devices. This e-juice line offers nicotine levels of 35mg and 50mg. 

On the inhale is a rush of that juicy apple vape juice flavor that will smother your pallet with its intense and authentic taste. Your taste buds will be pleased and tricked into thinking you have just drank a fresh glass of homemade apple juice. This tantalizing flavor only gets better as that grape e-juice flavor frolics across your taste buds pleasing them with each puff. This grape flavor taste like grapes that have just been picked off the vine from an orchard. On the exhale this rejuvenating flavor wil only begin to delight more and more. A icy ending of that menthol vape juice flavor is sure to seal the deal and provide the perfect ending for a warm summers day. 

Alpha by Alternativ Salts 30ml is truly one of the most authentic tasting and flavor packed e-juice you will experience. Don't miss out on this icy fruity treat, you'll regret not indulging in this expertly crafted vape juice. If you crave those genuine fruit flavors and are a fanatic for that cooling ending, Alpha is perfect e-liquid for you! 

Flavor Profile: Grape, Apple, Menthol 

Bottle Size: 30ML