WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Acrohm Fush Semi Mech Mod

Product Description

Acrohm Fush Semi Mech Mod

Fush Semi Mech Mod Review

The Fush Semi Mech Mod is certainly the mech mod for you if you are testing the waters of a mech mod. This mech mod is a semi mech mod which still gives you the safety of a normal vape, but the power of a mech, to provide you with a mech-like vaping experience. With a pre-installed chip, this mod has high temperature protection, short-circuit protection and overload protection. The Fush Semi Mech Mod comes with a super durable polycarbonate material that is hard to break. Using a 18650 battery, this mod will have a battery life to die for. This mod also has six venting holes starting at the top all the way until the bottle for heat dissipation and pressure relief. 

With the Fush Semi Mech Mod, with a flick of your wrist you can light up your entire mod. The colors can change with every flick of your wrist, and can be on all the time, or only when you inhale. This mod has a breathing light effect and it will be the center of attention in any room.

Features and Specs:

  • Static Current: <50uA
  • Working Voltage: 3.2v ~ 4.2v
  • Working Temperature: -30 Celsius ~ 85 Celsius 
  • Maximum Output Current: 40A bypass output
  • Resistance Range: 0.07ohm ~ 2.5ohm 
  • Firing Speed: <0.01s
  • Weight: 143.4g
  • Material: SS, Bulletproof PC, Copper 

Package Includes: 

  • 1x Fush Semi Mech Mod 

  • 1x User Manual