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Vaper Treats Eliquid

Vaper Treats Eliquids is mainly known for their delicious variety of dessert flavored ejuice. Every juice packed with a load of flavor and having their own unique taste making this line entirely irresistible. You’ll find your sweet tooth cure with no problem while taking a look at this bunch. Especially if you’re looking for something sugary and sweet, Vaper Treats will be your new online bakery when it comes to vape juice. Don’t know it till you try it, you never know what will satisfy your sugar craving needs.

Vaper Treats Eliquid Review


Fresh, hot cinnamon rolls layered with melted butter and vanilla icing. Truly a flavor to dive your taste buds into for a sweet and spiced kick. On the inhale you’ll get the a slight sense of spice from the cinnamon, and a smooth sugared taste of vanilla icing along with a slight hint of creamy butter on the exhale.

Cool Rush

Not only does Vaper Treats have all the choices in the world when it comes to having a delicious selection of baked goods for the dessert lovers. But they also have something sweet and minty for those who enjoy a chilled icy feel. This vape juice is like unwrapping a minted hard candy, on the inhale you get a burst of sugary sweet mint clouded over your taste buds, and a icy breeze that’ll settle those taste buds down on the exhale.

Pixy Dip

Imagine dipping your tongue in a pile of grape flavored powder and having it dissolve into your mouth giving you that intense sweet flavor that just drives you wild. This flavor will help intensify that moment with only a drag experiencing that lush grape flavor on the inhale, and the overwhelming sensation lingering on the exhale.

Pebbles Cheesecake

Sweet delicious cheesecake with coated fruited pebbles sprinkled on top while some has been crushed and included on the inside. Get that burst of sugared cheesecake as you notice the smooth cream slam against your tongue giving you instant relief on any cravings that you’ve had, while on the exhale it’s the mixture of the pebbles that come in adding a fruity essence providing you with a nice smokey essence by the end of your hit.

Ice Cream Cake

Step right up and take a spoonful of delightful ice cream cake to cheer yourself up. Made with breathtaking vanilla extract and a lush creamed sensation that’ll drive your tongue wild. On the inhale you’ll taste a burst of finger licking vanilla ice cream along with the icing layered all around, and the soft layer of cake stuffed in between coming through on the exhale.

Mr. Malt’s Flurry’s

Perfectly blended milk chocolate ice cream made into a shake with a surprise of scrumptious bits of cookie to add to the sugary goodness. Let the taste of chocolate melt onto your tongue while the feel of chocolate cookies comes into the mix on the exhale giving you a true chocolatey situation without all the mess.

Strawberry Cookie Butter

Thick creamed cookie butter with a pleasant touch of sweet succulent strawberries sounds just perfect. Think about the sugared sensation of tasteful cookie butter bathing your tongue in sweet sweet harmony on the inhale while the divine touch of strawberries swirl in and combines with the cookie butter as you exhale.

The Cupcake Man Strawberry

An all time favorite of many people that you can never go wrong with, cupcakes. That baked good cooling on the cooling rack with its delicious scent can drive you crazy then and there. With this ejuice you’ll be able to taste the cupcakes at least without having to wait. Drown out any bland taste that you have in your mouth with the sweet lush flavor of strawberries on the inhale with a nice creamy kick, and the sliced chunks of actual strawberries that’s been baked into the cupcake on the exhale.

The Cupcake Man Blueberry

Ever had a blueberry cupcake mixed with tasty vanilla? This ejuice can offer you that exact moment of biting into a blueberry cupcake. It’s intense amount of sweet lush flavor with fresh and sweet blueberry cake on the inhale, and the whipped vanilla icing lathering on your tongue as you exhale.

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