WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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The Milkman Salt

Crafted by the flavor experts at Vaping Rabbit, The Milkman Salt juice line is full of premium salt nic flavors that will dazzle your taste buds. They have taken most of their wonderful ejuices from their original line and transformed it into salt nicotine form. Whichever flavor you go with expect nothing short of a full-bodied and clean vaping experience that will reward your taste buds all day long. 

The Milkman Salt Nicotine Review


Milkman is a delicious dessert flavor consisting of a delicious combination of a fresh out the oven fruit pastry, French vanilla ice cream, and silky smooth milk. When vaped you will experience a flavor profile that can only be described as sensational.


The Milkman Churrios Salt is your favorite carnival treat. Each puff will make it feel like you are actually taking a bite out of a cinnamon churro. Your taste buds will be please with light hints of cinnamon sugar while dense and mouth-watering fried dough satisfies the strongest of dessert cravings.


A flavor that gives you the best of both worlds. Strudelhaus is a yummy blueberry jam-filled pastry. You will experience the tarty tones found in freshly picked blueberries while a savory pastry perfectly compliments the overall flavor profile.


The Milkman Pudding Salt adds nice lemon zest to a decadent vanilla pudding. Both flavors will work perfectly in unison as the soft lemon tones will provide a nice kick while the smooth vanilla pudding balances the overall vape juice out to give you a rewarding vaping experience. 

Sweet Mint

Clear your sinuses and wake your taste buds with every puff of The Milkman Sweet Mint Salt. Not as intense as menthol but it will still cool your taste buds off on a hot day while providing a soft sweet taste found naturally in spearmint.


Each puff of Crumbleberry Salt will provide you with a full-bodied vaping experience while tarty raspberry provides a soft and fun kick to give you a well-rounded hit. Perfect for dessert lovers who enjoy savory flavors with a nice fruit kick that will reward your taste buds all day long. 


The Milkman Salt Gold is one of The Milkman Salts delicious vape juices. As you inhale The Milkman Salt Gold you taste the rich tobacco that smothers your taste buds. On the exhale of The Milkman Salt Gold you taste the sweet honey and thick cream that will leave the most delicious after taste. The Milkman Salt  Gold will be sure to leave you in pure heavenly bliss that you will love.


The Milkman Salt Mango is the perfect fruity vape juice to send into a tropical paradise with every puff you take. As you inhale The Milkman Salt Mango you taste the addicting juicy mango taste that you will be non stop obsessing over. On the exhale of The Milkman Salt Mango the tropical notes of mango start to dance away leaving your taste buds begging for more. The Milkman Salt Mango will dance across your tongue with its delicious vape juice flavor. 


The Milkman Salt Peach is the fruity vape juice you have been begging for, the sweet peach flavor will please your every taste bud. As you inhale The Milkman Salt Peach the taste of fresh sweet peaches will rush your tongue leaving you speechless from its spot-on taste. On the exhale the hints of sweet peaches are left on your tongue that leaves you craving more. The Milkman Salt Peach is the perfect summer pick me up any time of the day or year. The Milkman Salt has this peach flavor down to a science with how amazing it is.


The Milkman Smooth is the delicious tobacco vape juice you deserve. As you inhale The Milkman Salt Smooth you taste the rich and smooth tobacco that will blanket your taste buds in warmth. On the exhale of The Milkman Smooth, you taste the sweet vanilla and the thick cream that will leave your taste buds begging for more and more. Look no further for an amazing tobacco vape juice, with the smooth tobacco and the sweet and thick cream and vanilla. 

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