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Select Vape Liquids

Creating an outstanding line of premium flavors, you won’t find many out there that quite compares to Select Vape Liquids. There are loads of delicious vape flavors, with interesting names as well. They span from Doughspearado to Magic Milk, making a play with words while satisfying your tastes at the same time. Enjoy the thrilling taste of tasty gummies to the luscious mix of a strawberry milkshake, and a little something in between to please the palette. Select Vape Liquids provides a unique assortment of the most favored flavors, and that is why we feel the roller coaster ride of flavorsome tastes is well worth every moment.

Select Vape Liquids is a spectacular premium vape juice brand that was created in 2016. The “Select Vape” company was originally a large supplier of hundreds of premium vape brands. After conducting surveys to figure out the perfect vape juice, desired price, and many more details, Select Vape Liquids was born. The brand utilized its partnership with Ruthless Vapors, an Ontario, California manufacturing company that has become one of the largest players in the world. Through the partnership between the two, Select Vape Liquids was able to carry out its plan and present the market with a remarkable selection of the “perfect vape juice.”

Select Vape Liquids Flavor Review


Doughspearado by Select Vape Liquids takes advantage of your sweet tooth by delivering an amazing dessert flavor that you simply cannot pass up. It consists of a delicious fluffy donut that still has the warmth from the oven. The warm donut is then topped off with a strawberry glaze that is thick, sticky, and loaded with succulent strawberry flavor. Every puff will send your taste buds into overload, yet your sweet tooth will finally be satisfied in the perfect way.

Gummie Lyfe

Gummie Lyfe by Select Vape Liquids is a fun, exciting, and quite thrilling vape juice flavor that you should have never come across. Just one puff is all it takes to have you hooked, so you can blame us for that one. While we would normally apologize, in this case, we can’t. We have a habit of turning customers onto tasty vapes. Despite our unapologetic ways, you won’t complain about the mixed berries that provide just the right sour and the gummy worms that coat your mouth full of bold flavor.

Magic Milk

Magic Milk by Select Vape Liquids is quite a fascinating flavor that will either take you on a wonderful ride through memory lane as you revisit your childhood mornings or take you to a deep dark place that resembles a club and some guy half nakedly dancing. Whatever path you choose, Magic Milk will not let you down! It’s an awesome concoction that is comprised of a bowl of marshmallow cereal flavor and the silky milk to follow and wash it all down. Whatever choice you made, we still want to hear the juicy details.

The Clique

The Clique by Select Vape Liquids is just the flavor you need for a rejoicing combination of fruits. It delivers beautiful tastes in your mouth that can only be described as art. With a single puff, your taste buds will find glory in an instant, lavishing in luscious strawberries, sweet honeydew, and juicy mangoes. The Clique is just another way of say The All-Day-Vape.

Malt Shoppe

Malt Shoppe by Select Vape Liquids bursts with loads of tasty goodness in each “slurp” or draw you take. Often found in a clear glass cup with a spiraling red and white straw, Malt Shoppe recreates the famous strawberry malt shake. Every puff you take sends your taste buds into an appetizing shake frenzy. The delicious vape experience combines the sweetness and creaminess of a strawberry malt shake that we’re sure you will quickly come to appreciate.

Key Master

Key Master by Select Vape Liquids musters up all of the unique flavors you could ask for into one tasty blend. This complex creation tastes just as intricate as it was to formulate this masterful blend into the liquid form. It uses a sweet oatmeal base that is far from ordinary. It is then tackled by a hefty serving of key lime pie to create a taste that bulldozes through your taste buds so that it soaks on the tongue to leave a lingering taste.

Select Vape Liquids is an outstanding collection of vape juice. It is also manufactured by one of the industry’s most recognized names, Ruthless Vapors. There are several “perfect vapes juices” in this collection that deserves even more attention than it already receives. If you are into the best of the best, Select Vape Liquids should be your go-to vapes.

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