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Liquid State Vapors

The Max VG premium eliquid company inspired by local foods and drinks from US states. Committed to producing only the highest quality ingredients, flavorings, and nicotine, Liquid State Vapors offers unique flavors for each state. There are five flavors in the Liquid State collection: Sweet Leaf, Orange Dream, Cali Colada, Coney Cake, and the ever-so-popular Apple Butter.

Recently, Liquid State Vapors released the newest collection of eliquid; Liquid Nation. Comprised of three flavors from around the world: De La Creme (France), Dolce Gelato (Italy), and Maple Glaze (USA); each flavor is carefully handcrafted and bottled in Orange County, California.

Liquid State Vapor Flavor Profile Review

Apple Butter

Liquid State Apple Butter is the flavor of traditional old fashioned apple pie is topped off with caramelized green apples. Bake crusted pie inside a hot oven and topped with hints of cinnamon and a dash of powdered sugar. On the inhale Liquid State Apple Butter vape juice, the baked apple flavor instantly fills your mouth. On the exhale, the baked pie crust and hints of cinnamon delight your flavor palate.

Coney Cake

Liquid State Coney Cake vape juice is the inspired flavor of New York's favorite dessert, Cheesecake! It's mouthwatering creamy vanilla bean ice cream, topped with fresh strawberries and blueberries than sprinkled powdered sugar.

Orange Dream

Liquid State Orange Dream vape is the inspiration flavor of the Sunshine State Florida. The flavor of a vanilla ice cream pop coated with orange candy provides just the right amount of tang. Inhale juicy oranges and finishes with creamy milk on the exhale.

Passion Punch

Liquid State Passion Punch ejuice is the tropical flavor combination of juicy pineapples, indigenous dragon fruit, passion fruit, and a splash of mandarin orange juice. On the inhale of Passion Punch ejuice, tarty passion fruit, and sweet pineapples splash onto the palate, rushing over the tongue, soaking into every taste bud. While you exhale, notes of dragon fruit dazzle your mouth. This may become your new favorite vape juice treat, and you don't even have to slay a flying dragon.

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