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Juice Roll Upz Tropical

Establishing itself in sunny California in April of 2015, the Juice Roll Upz brand has catapulted itself into success early on. It gained its claim to fame by producing innovative vape juice flavors in a sterile ISO certified facility. It uses expert mixologists to develop some of the industry’s most fascinating flavors in a slew of brands that fall under the Juice Roll Upz umbrella. These brands and their respected vape juice flavors are sold in five different continents and all over the United States. One of those brands up for topic is the Juice Roll Upz Tropical series, which consists of deliciously formulated vintage fruit-flavored ejuice.

The Los Angeles-based manufacturer has created the line of premium vape juice to develop an innovative category of vintage fruit flavor and retro candy flavor combinations. Adhering to strict industry standards and tested by thousands of users all over the world, you can rest assured knowing that Juice Roll Upz Tropical will meet and exceed all expectations. Each 100mL blend is bottled to perfection in an ISO-certified clean facility, it uses child-safety caps and seals, and uses only the finest ingredients. With a 70/30 (Vegetable Glycerin / Propylene Glycol) blend, you will find that Juice Roll Upz Tropical provides the perfect balance of flavor and vapor on a consistent basis.

Juice Roll-Upz Tropical Flavor Review

Hi Punch

Hi Punch by Juice Roll Upz is a remarkably crafted premium vape juice flavor that not only gives your taste buds the punch it deserves but also tastes like punch as well. The flavor immediately overcomes the mouth, leaving layers upon layers of powerful fruity juice flavor. From inhale to exhale, you taste the subtle tartness, followed by a smooth tropical flavor that has a way of satisfying those sweet tooth cravings. It’s a tropical island vape that you have to taste to believe.


P.O.G. by Juice Roll Upz Tropical provides a trio of tropical flavors that you are sure to revisit time and time again. From the moment you take your first puff, time slows and your senses are overloaded with vapor particles that span from delicious passion fruit to citrusy orange to sweet guava. The combination of flavors bombarding the mouth gives you a sweet, citrus-flavored island experience that truly tastes authentic from beginning to end.


Mango by Juice Roll Upz Tropical is another fascinating tropical fruit flavor that falls into this island-inspired collection. While its name may be simple, it uses a complex set of flavors to create one of the industry’s tastiest island blends. From the very first puff, your tastes immediately collect delicious flavor notes of ripe mango, a subtle hint of juicy peach, and the exhale continues to deliver by leaving a lingering flavor of mango punch flavor.

The Juice Roll Upz Tropical brand is as authentic as it gets. It has created a collection of vintage and retro vape juice flavors combined them into one and delivered an island-inspired tropical vape juice that has a way of planting its foot firm into the crevices of your taste buds. The lingering tastes overwhelm your mouth and keep you coming back for more. If you are a fan of tropical fruit vape juice flavors, Juice Roll Upz is avape juice that you have to try.

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