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FJ's Premium Eliquid

FJ’s eliquid AKA F Jerry’s is more than a juice company its is an empire! Starting as a social media personally then transforming into a very successful business. With 12 Million subscribers on just one social media platform alone.

The genius behind FJ’s know a thing or two about creating a brand that appeals to the masses. You can expect the same attention to detail when creating this e-juice. With bold flavors like a cinnamon churro stuffed with vanilla ice cream or a mouthful of a strawberry sugar cookie vanilla ice cream sandwich. This brand is made with the dessert fans in mind!

FJ's Premium Eliquid Review


BAE by FJ's Premium Eliquid is an ultra-rich, creamy soft-serve ice cream served with juicy slices of mango. BAE is the irresistible creamy flavor that couples amazingly well with the sweet ripe juicy mango. On the inhale a juicy sensation of mango delights the palate. While you exhale exhale a wave of smooth vanilla bean ice cream infused with ripe mango will give you a satisfying and full vaping experience.

FJ's Churronimo

Churronimo by FJ's Premium Eliquid is the flavor of fried dough pastry, rolled in sweet cinnamon sugar vape. Manufactured by FJ's Eliquid, the popular street vendor treat of Churro Eliquid provides the reminiscent flavor of fried dough on the inhale with the moist center and cinnamon the exhale.

FJ"s Cookie Craze

Cookie Craze by FJ's Premium Eliquid is a very full flavored milky strawberry vanilla sugar cookie ice cream sandwich that will have your senses going bonkers

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