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Director’s Cut Ejuice

Director’s Cut Vape Juice Review

Have you ever been the type to look out the window and picture yourself in a movie scene or a music video when a certain song comes on? Well these selection of juices will have you picture just about the same when vaping and seeing those thick clouds flow by with their spooky backgrounds. Director’s Cut was founded and created only recently for those who enjoy a spooky theme with a nice flavorful twist. These range of juices offers a variety of fruits, and candied flavors that’ll have your mouth water in seconds after getting a whiff of each juice. Each coming with packing flavor and amazing quality. You’ll never want to go back to your normal juices again after giving Director’s Cut a try. It’ll have you saying “aaaand, scene” after every dramatic hit.

Damien, Doll of The Malevolent

Experience the sweet rush of candied bubblegum flooding in on the inhale, and as you exhale you get an immediate combination of delicious sweet melons and fresh crisp pears complimenting the taste of sugared bubblegum. Full of lush flavor making sure you can never grow old of it.

My Undead Girlfriend

A mouth watering blend of tart apples and pineapples on the inhale giving you the confused but delicious combination a blast of sweetness to mix, while on the exhale you get the sense of sugared strawberries infused with the taste of sweet hard candy that ties the each flavor together.

Nancy’s New Nightmare

Who needs syrup when you have salty caramel to save the day? Indulge yourself in the pleasant taste of fresh belgian waffles with the sweetness of pecans and hazelnuts fused into the waffles as you inhale, while you get a creamy sense of melted butter and sweet salty caramel on the exhale making your sweet tooth take a second to smell the breakfast.

The Devil Inside

This wicked mixture brings the devilish taste buds right out as soon as you take a puff of this scrumptious juice. With its unique choices of fruits you’ll immediately taste the amazing combination of mixed berries and watermelon on the inhale, and on the exhale the sweet tart taste of apples intertwines with the remaining flavor of what was inhaled leaving a flavorful aftertaste.

The Lost One

Lip smacking blue raspberry on the inhale, while on the exhale you’ll notice the sweetness of hard candy and extra extracts of other fruits that have been added into the mix.

The Lost One Cold Blooded

The original lost one only with an ice cool mentholated twist that’ll have you in chills once you give this one good puff. Sweet candied blue raspberry on the inhale, and the burst of a winter like breeze with a fruity essence on the exhale leaving your tastebuds to stand up like goosebumps.

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