WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Chill E-liquid

Your favorite sodas have now been recreated into a savory bubbly vape juice. These fizzy fusions have been brought to you to indulge in by the one and only Chill E-liquid. Trust me when i say you wont find any other e-liquid like these. We all crave those carbonated drinks, but its obvious knowledge that drinking them all day long, won't lead to healthy results. Now you can kick those cravings with no guilt with Chill E-liquids! Chill has 3 intoxicating flavors for your enjoyment, all their flavors are soda based and are sure to please!

Chill E-liquid is available in a 60ml glass bottle that is packed in a aluminum case, uniquely shaped like a soda can. They have a PG/VG ratio of 70/30 to provide an intense flavor while still providing that thick cloud of vapor for all those cloud chasers. Chill offers 3 different levels of nicotine, which include, 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. 

Any soda lover can agree that Chill E-liquid makes a truly authentic recreation of their favorite sodas. This brand has been able to create that carbonated taste that other brands have not been so lucky with, and for that we all want to send Chill E-liquid a big thank you! Finally your soda cravings will be quenched with these perfect all-day-vape flavors. 

Chill E-liquid Flavor Review

Purple Grape

Grape Soda is a truly refreshing treat that is known to please. Any grape lover will know that the intense flavor from these soda flavor is what makes it so intoxicating. Indulge in this savory reincarnation with Purple Grape by Chill E-liquid. You wont have to hoard your 12 pack of sodas anymore and have to constantly go back to the store to get more anymore, because this vape juice is sure to kick those cravings all day long! With out rock bottom prices you'll even be able to save money! On the inhale your mouth will be flooded with this intense grape vape juice flavor. That bubbly carbonation will dance from taste bud to taste buds giving you that authentic taste with each puff. On the exhale you will receive that refreshing taste identical to the one from a real soda. 

Orange Peach

Succulent oranges and juicy peaches are truly one of the best mixtures to indulge in. Though what can make them even better is when they have been fused together with a bubble carbonated soda base. Yes, i said it, and yes it does truly exist in a vape juice. Orange Peach by Chill E-liquid is that authentic and savory soda flavor you've been seeking! On the inhale a bubbly rush of fresh oranges will hug you tongue and give it an intense flavor experience. That carbonated flavor will intensify and provide you with that genuine soda taste. On the exhale is a intoxicating blast of juicy peaches that is sure to please. 

Green Lime

Just like your favorite lime based soda, Green Lime by Chill E-liquids has that original flavor that will make your taste buds go wild! You won't believe how authentic this vape juice flavor is, with each puff you will question whether or not it is the real thing. This refreshing blend is sure to please from the first drop to the last. On the inhale that lime soda flavor will smother your tongue and delight your taste buds. On the exhale that carbonated bubbly taste will intensify giving you a genuine soda flavor. 

Forget that soda next time you're seeking a refreshing treat instead grab your favorite flavor from Chill E-Liquid! Their authentic flavors are sure to relieve those soda cravings of yours!