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California Grown SALT Review

Fresh out of California, these salts are truly enticing and hard to stay away from. Individually packed with a voluptuous amount of rich flavor carrying a variety of fruits that will knock your socks off. Each name and flavor carefully picked to be in relation to our favorite state. 

Having this as a salt nicotine vape juice will be life-changing for those who prefer the pod systems over a mod any day. Don’t underestimate the size, even though the bottle is small they still hold a huge volume of flavor that you can’t even believe. We all know it’s not a secret that the pod systems have that low smooth hit so just imagine that sweet flavor flowing right with it in every puff.

California Grown SALT is not to be taken as a joke, their flavors are outstanding and out of this world. Take a look at our selection of this company’s platinum juices and prepare yourself for an astonishing experiment of your entire vaping life. 

California Grown SALT Vape Juice Review

California Grown SALT Wavy Watermelon

Candied watermelon with every drop of sweet luscious vapor. A gentle wave of watermelon will splash right onto your tongue soaking each taste bud in a sweet bathe of a heavenly fruity flavor. As you exhale the sugared essence of the candied will intensify double the amazement in the flavor while it carries out the flood of watermelon.

California Grown SALT Wavy Watermelon Cool

Hard candy with the tones of mint and watermelon, sounds refreshing right? Well, you’re not wrong. This flavor is one of the boldest of them all, each puff will grasp the minty watermelon notes on the inhale sending sweet and bone-chilling signals throughout your whole body. While you exhale the candied notes will flow right with is ever so smoothly making your sweet tooth calm and you feeling completely refreshed.

California Grown SALT Grizzly Apple

The perfect combination of red and green apple giving you the balanced feel of sweet and sour with every puff. On the inhale will be a gush of tart and sweet red apple fused together into one impeccable flavor with lovely tones of the crisp apples hugging onto each and every taste bud. On the exhale the apples will relax those taste buds as the tiny burst of vapor exits from your mouth leaving your tongue feeling like it bit right into both apples.

California Grown SALT Grizzly Apple Cool

Mentholated tones of green and red apple soaking your tongue in a lovely mixture of flavor. On the inhale it’s the tones of sour green apple squeezing the life out of those taste buds making sure it gets the full experience of what a green apple can do. On the exhale you’ll get the notes of sweet and tart red apple flowing in carrying a frozen breeze leaving you replenished and refreshed.

California Grown SALT Napa Nectar

Just pure mango making a breakthrough for those starving taste buds. Mangoes grown in Napa City, California extracted into a vape juice of your mango-loving dreams. On the inhale is a swirl of vapor holding a delicious amount of mango clouding over your tongue making sure each little crack of flavor seeps through your tongue. On the exhale the mango intensifies as it drenches more taste buds on the way out.

California Grown SALT Napa Nectar Cool

Frozen mangoes are the best summer treat out there and now it's made available to your every beck and call for some frozen fruit. On the inhale its immediate gush of nectarous mango swoops in saving those dried up taste buds will a big wave of flavor. On the inhale the winter flow and the mango collide on the way out sending chills from the back of your tongue down to your spine. 


Altogether this company knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to making the perfect representations of California with their fresh and delicious fruits grown right there in their home state. It really grasps each moment and can bring California to you anytime, any day.

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