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Burst Blizzard Eliquid

Burst Blizzard Ejuice

Burst Blizzard Eliquid is a wintry collection created by the makers of Burst who just wanted to add a frosted addition to their lines of fruity candy flavors. This selection may be small but the quality and flavor in these juices are bigger than you think. Each has been crafted by only their best mixers who know exactly what the people are looking for. Even for people who are open to a different mixture of flavors, these would be perfect for you. I mean, have you ever had a taffy candy that has a slight hint of mint to ice things up for a change? As odd as it sounds, they’re actually quite tasteful and delicious. You can never have enough taffy flavor when vaping on these juices, notably if you have a frosty touch afterward to tone things down.

Burst Blizzard Vape Juice Review


A gorgeous blend of delicious berries that’ll have your taste buds singing with joy once you shower them in this juice. Tart blueberries, sweet-savory strawberries, and mouth-watering grape made into a thick taffy candy with a splash of mint extract to relieve any itch for a sugary candied treat. Indulge your mouth and lungs with the gush of mixed berries colliding onto your tongue on the inhale making sure you taste every bit of fruit that there is, as you exhale you’ll taste the instant effect of the menthol gliding along with your tongue once the smoke escapes from your mouth leaving a lingering cooling fruity sensation.


A tropical fruit combined with the sweet notes of taffy and minty menthol. This honeyed flavor will have your sweet tooth chilled and thrilled once it gets a glimpse of this ejuice. Bathe and coat your tongue in a sweet pool of mangos on the inhale and notice as it absorbs into every patch of taste buds that you have, and the bone-chilling touch of ice-cool menthol showering your tongue on the exhale.


A unique merge of cantaloupe and honeydew melons with, of course, the additional taffy candied taste as well as a pleasant hint of mint. Have yourself a thirst-quenching vape juice with Melon-Burst by Burst Blizzard, indulge in a smooth sailing splash of mango on the inhale. While experiencing the snowy chills of the minty menthol on the exhale. This luscious combination is the real deal if you’re into sweet mouth-watering melon taffy with a sprinkle of mint.


Submerge those taste testers in a well-loved flavor of strawberry candy that’s been churned into a nice stretchy taffy along with that soothing blast of mint. Straw-Burst by Burst Blizzard is a legend in the strawberry candy selection due to it lush amounts of flavor that it gives out so you can never go blind to it. This delicious flavor wraps around your tongue and squeezes every last bit of vapor onto your tongue giving you the best hit of your life. Spoil yourself to a nice sweet candied treat with its delightful shower of strawberry on the inhale, and the well-deserved cooling touch of mint on the exhale that’ll give you goosebumps along your skin.

If you are looking for an extraordinary selection of flavors, all paired to deliver some of the finest tastes, there is no better brand to turn to than Burst Blizzard Eliquid. These exceptional flavors will provide such phenomenal tastes, allowing your airways to be filled with mouthwatering flavored vapor. From beginning to end, you and your taste buds will be pleased.

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