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My Von Erl vs Juul vs iCare Vape

by Alham Benyameen November 17, 2016

My Von Erl vs Juul vs iCare Vape

The vape industry latest ultra-portable squeaky trends: My Von Erl Liquidpods and iCare Mini by Eleaf All New products like the Eleaf iCare, MyJet, My Von Erl and JUUL Starter Kit have put the ultra-portable pod mod on the map, the notion that a small portable device with 3ml of high nicotine infused e-liquid has taken the vaping industry by storm. The My Von Erl Pod starter kits and Tobacco Trail Starter Kit by Cuttwood is an ultra-portable rectangular pod made in Austria, Europe. The Von Erl pod is also being used by other brands like Space Jam, Frisco Vapers, Halycon, Taffy Man and Velvet Clouds to name a few. The My Von Erl built-in battery is a 350mah and is a simple to use AIO vape wholesale, frequently popular among vapers who use high nicotine levels and flavor chasing.

According to Von Erl, each vape juice pod will last approximately 300 puffs which roughly translates to 30 traditional cigarettes based on the assumption that each 'analog' cigarette is around 10 puffs. You'll know when you need to change the My Von Erl vape juice pod when the pod has depleted. The My Von Erl Liquid pod will last approximately 300 puffs which equals thirty (30) traditional cigarettes based on the assumption that each 'analog' cigarette is around 10 puffs. You'll know when you need to change the My Von Erl vape juice pod when the pod has depleted. In terms of long lasting battery life, the MyJet wins against the JUUL and MY VON ERL by almost double the time the My VON ERL and JUUL can stay on, In terms of convenience and purchase availability the My VON ERL is a close tie to The JUUL. In terms of different flavor availability, the My Von Erl is the clear winner, where The JUUL only has four non-refillable flavor offering, however the JUUL can solve the problem for people who need an instant nicotine high.

The JUUL was designed and released for those who typically couldn’t quit smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes using sub ohm vape devices and refillable sub ohm atomizers. Out of the three devices reviewed here the MyJet and My Von Erl is the most versatile, The MyJet has the longest lasting battery life. The JUUL is hard to find and expensive compared to the other two devices reviewed. The My Von Erl is the only device that allows you to use your own vape juice. Top shelf brands like Cuttwood and Space Jam have endorsed the My Von Erl and availability and popularity has increased significantly compared to the growth of The JUUL and MyJet devices.

Will Ultra Portable Vape Devices Become Mainstream in 2017?

Ultra portable vape devices like JUUL, My Von Erl, MyJet, Eleaf iCare vape and Cync are set to be the next big trend in the vape industry. My Von Erl and iCare are my two favorite devices, I can literally take a 12mg nic bottle of my favorite ejuice fill up the Eleaf iCare and it will last me 1 week for the coil and 2 months for the entire bottle, I was going through 2ml a day, cost? $24.99 for a 120ml bottle of Crack Pie by Food Fighter Juice and $29.99 for the iCare Starter Kit. This completely changes my outlook of the vape industry, now people who smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes can truly save money and quit smoking cigarettes. Just my two cents for 2017.


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Alham Benyameen
Alham Benyameen

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